While storing your shoe, wrap each piece separately in a muslin cloth. This fabric is softer unlike other packaging material and lets it breathe. It doesn’t tarnish or entangle with the embellishments and helps retain its shine longer.

Mustard Oil:

After you bought your brand new pair of ZeeZee shoes, mustard oil can be applied in its lining overnight to avoid any stinging bite when you break it in. The oil helps soften the leather thus ensuring you a comfortable wear.



Moisture and Water:

Leather and moisture do not get along together at all. Make sure your shoes are not exposed to water and moisture. In case it gets wet, do dry them out in the sun for a few hours before storing them back.



When it comes to cleaning your ZeeZees, you can wipe them gently with a gentle cloth or a tiny soft bristled brush. You can also use a toothbrush that has been dipped in a solution of mild washing soap and water. ZeeZees (shoes) with elaborately embellished and embroidered work must only be dry cleaned