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Grayson Monàe is all things fashion and wellness concerning women!  We sell handmade, leather, stylish flats; jewelry, and wellness products.  Our mission is to provide quality, unique, beautiful products and to dispel the myth that wearing flats is boring OR that they take away from your outfit.  We empower women by allowing them to be Stylish, Unique, and Comfortable.  

      My name is Savannah and I am the owner of Grayson Monáe. I am a woman with a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. The name Grayson Monáe is actually a combination of my son's and daughter's middle name. Since this store is my first entrepreneurial endeavor, I decided to name it as if it was my third child; because come hell or high water you never give up on your children. It has come with many challenges and hardships I did not expect; however, my team and I have managed to overcome.

This company was born as a result of my team and I purchasing a company named Zebidah. Initially, when I took over the company it was just supposed to be a change in ownership. The name and everything associated with it was to remain the same. Once I officially took over and had the chance to delve in deeper and see some of the behind the scene practices, I quickly realized the company needed a complete overhaul.

My team and I began the daunting task of a re-brand and relaunch and changed some of the policies and procedures to improve the store's image. The store was closed for almost 3 months to allow us to get this done. 

We believe we have turned this store into a place where women of all ages can come to find Stylish/Unique/Cute/Comfy Flats. We have also added wellness and beauty products. So if you are tired of trying to do everything in heels, but too Stylish for boring flats OR if you are tired of after finally finding a pair of cute flats realizing that at least 3 other women in your circle have the exact same pair; you are at the right place.

I want to assure you that Grayson Monáe is a completely different company than Zebidah. Our goal is to provide you with the same great style and fashion with a more profound emphasis on great quality and excellent customer service. We value our customers and want to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

We have also updated the size guide to better reflect the size variability. Our shoes are handmade, come in European sizes, and there are no half sizes. They tend to run smaller than US sizes.

Our Flats are Stylish enough for Teens and Comfy enough for Grandma. We didn't invent Flats, we reinvented them with Style.


Our Shoes

      Our shoes are 100% handmade by talented artisans in India and shipped from the states. They are made with 100% genuine leather. Everything from the embroidery to the stitching, to the pearl and bead placement, to the unique designs make them one-of-a-kind classics. 

      The beaded flats are some of the most beautiful shoes you will ever see. They are walking works of art!  They can be worn with absolutely anything including jeans, tights, skirts, shorts, or even formal dresses. These are the perfect replacements for heels and plain flat shoes with added style, timelessness, and beauty.  Not only do they look good on women, but your teenage daughters will love them too!

      Golden Matte and Golden Warrior are pioneers among our beaded flats. They are pointed flats with optimum quality texture and can be noticed as a vintage piece from miles away!


        Golden Beads and Midnight Pearl are the most intricately made shoes that we carry.   They are a symbol of royalty, elegance, and magnificence!

       Leather Empire, Brown Medallion, and Aged Cognac Leather are manufactured by the most efficient craftsman and their leather is handpicked!

       Denim Hero and Suede Emboss are exclusively crafted for denim lovers. They are the perfect compliment to any outfit!

        We have many more designs in our unique inventory. You will fall in love with these shoes the moment you try them on. So ladies go ahead and clean out your closets and make room for these stylish flats!


Our Clearance Section

       Sometimes we need to make room in our warehouse for newer items. Also, since our products are 100% handmade; every now and then minor blemishes do occur. Our clearance section represents the same great quality and style, but at a lower price due to a need for space OR a minor blemish. If an item has a blemish, these blemishes are not even noticed once items are worn! If you have a specific question about one of our clearance items, please fill out the contact form.


Our Customers

       At Grayson Monàe, our customers are our top priority. Your satisfaction is our driving force and we appreciate your feedback. So keep shopping at Grayson Monàe and update us with your suggestions and reviews on how your experience has been.



 Giving Back

At Grayson Monáe, we believe in Empowering Women. Our company genuinely believes that every woman deserves a beautiful pair of Flats that she can conquer the world in. The problem is, some women, due to circumstances beyond their control, may not have access to shoes at all, let alone, a gorgeous pair.

Our shoes are handmade; therefore, every now and then, minor blemishes do occur. These blemishes are so minor that, once you put the shoes on, you will never notice it. Since we believe in impeccable craftmanship and 100% customer satisfaction, we never sell these shoes at full price, even though we could. Instead, some of these shoes are taken to the local Providence House. The Providence House is a shelter for women and their children who are trying to escape domestic violence. Our Founder also donates other items such as toys and clothes for the children at this shelter.

Revenue generated from Grayson Monáe, helps us keep this program alive. So when we say, "Thank you for shopping at Grayson Monáe", it is not just us who are grateful!