Grayson Monáe

Black Denim Hero

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Black goes with everything, literally everything. So we paired it with one of the second best colors in the palette - tan.

These flats are made with ultra durable black denim fabric, draped over suede & 100% genuine leather, topped off with an embroidered golden design in the front and around the border, with added padding for extra comfort. Black Denim Hero is one of our most sought after shoes!

These shoes destroy the notion that flats are ugly, boring, and old school. They exemplify great comfort and style! You can wear them with anything!

  • Hand-Embroidered Golden Stitched Border
  • Draped over Suede & 100% Genuine Leather.
  • Memory Foam Insoles for Extra Comfort
  • 100% Hand-made and Hand-cut

Sizing may vary by designPlease check the Size Guide below before placing your order. If you wear a wide in any size & it is not indicated on chart,  size up one size. If half size not indicated on chart, size down if foot narrow, size up otherwise. If you are unsure, click here to contact us.

Flats fit snug at first, then mold to your foot after a few wears. We recommend 'wearing them in' only around the house with a pair of stockings for a few days first (afterwards they can be worn normally).

  US Shoe Size 

 Grayson Monáe

Shoe Size

European Shoe Size
 6 or 6.5 36 36
7 37 37
7 W or 7.5 W 38 38
8 or 8.5 39 39
40 40
9.5  41 41
10 or 10.5 42 42

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