Spring is the season of new beginnings! Not only nature, but even for us, it can be a time of rejuvenation. Why just stick with the ‘old you’ , the old style all the time? If you are looking for a fresh new approach, a breath of fresh air in your style statement then we at Grayson Monáe can help you with the best trendy spring flats that can do exactly that for you.

In this post, we will discuss our exclusive range of trendy velvet flats that can make this new season even more beautiful for you.

These flats not only make you look unique, but gives you this fresh new feel that is quintessential of spring.

Trendy Spring Flats: The Breath Of Fresh Air In Your Style!  

Even to this day, heels dominate the scene when it comes to style. But have you ever wondered about how you can be stylish and comfy? Well, our new age flats can help you out with this.

Now, we all know that heels can sometimes bring pain and discomfort. Often you might find yourself wearing heels for style, then having to change into flats for comfort.

But with our Signature flats, you can have them both. Our flats will make you feel at ease, no matter what the occasion. Now, you can look glamorous and feel Comfy! These amazing velvet flats are the epitome of style and comfort. Grab a pair of these and be a new fashion statement everyday!

AM Velvety Fire:

Red is one of the most attractive, stand-out colors around. This is why we have come up with AM Velvety Fire flats. They add a spark to your shoe collection.

These Velvety Fire flats actually keep it simple yet classy. It features a red velvet design along with a gorgeous gold border and gold stitching.

Needless to say, this new design will surely get you compliments regardless of what you pair it with!

AM Velvety Royal:

If blue is your favourite color then we have the best designer flats for you. Our Velvety Royal flats will not only  make your outfit look stunning, but will enhance your overall style statement.

This beautiful footwear features a royal blue velvet fabric that is topped off with a gorgeous gold border and gold stitching.

The best part is that you can pair it up with any attire and it will compliment your style regardless of the occasion. 

AM Velvety Green:

This is one of our most loved Velvety pairs. Green is definitely a gorgeous colour and our velvety design makes it even more beautiful.

Our Am Velvety Green can add something special to your fashion statement with a green velvet design along with a gorgeous gold border and gold stitching.

This design will get you compliments regardless of what you pair it with.

What Else?

So are you ready to shop for the best footwear this season? Then Just visit us at and find your favorite pair of trendy spring flats for any occasion. For any query regarding our products and services, email us at today!

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