Relationship Between Women And Shoes

The relationship between women and shoes is something similar to that of a best friend. One completes the other! No matter how beautiful a pair of footwear is, it is still incomplete until it is placed on a pair of feet.  Similarly, regardless of the great outfit you might be wearing, without the right footwear, your look will not be complete. But it’s not just about the look only. The comfort also matters.  This is why we at Grayson Monáe, have come up with a collection that can be your feet’s best friend. In this post, I will be telling you the details about a number of flat shoes that we guarantee you will fall in love with. So, let’s get started!

Mirror Black

Relationship Between Women And Shoes: The One That Matters The Most!

Most people feel that only dress shoes should be selected with utmost care and consideration. But that’s not the case. Everyday of our life matters and so does our look! Be it a party or everyday wear, your shoes should always be comfortable and elegant at the same time. With the right pair, even your everyday office attire can stand out wherever you go. This has always been our motto and that’s why we have come up with a collection that’s Stylish enough for teens yet comfy enough for Grandmas!! Below I am listing one exclusive product from each of our collections.

The Bridal Collection: 

Having the right footwear for your wedding is perhaps the most important thing for a woman. That’s why the first product in this post is Princess Honey from our exclusive bridal flat collection!

This one is bound to make the bride feel like the princess she has always wanted to be! They are so stunning that just as many non-brides as brides have purchased them.

Princess Honey

It features a stunning design that combines premium white fabric with hand-embroidered silver designs, rhinestones, and pearls. Also, the entire design is draped over 100% genuine leather with cushioned insoles for comfort. The perfect juxtaposition of comfort and elegance!

The Premium Collection: 

The premium collection features a barrage of footwear that can make everyday wear special. Regardless of your attire, these shoes can make your feet feel like “WOW” and  amaze anyone who sees them!! 

This collection features our Shaded Rainbow Leather flats. It is the quintessential cute brown flat topped off with beautiful color that will compliment any outfit.

Shaded Rainbow Leather Flats

These flats are made of 100% genuine shaded leather and embroidered with multi-colored silk thread. Again for extra comfort, the entire design is draped over memory foam insoles.

 This is far from your average brown leather flats! The rainbow-embroidered border gives it a youthful flare unlike any other! 

The Glamour Collection:

 Just like the name suggests, the glamour collection features footwear that can make your fashion statement stand out wherever you go! 

Here, we have the Mirror Red flats for you which is one of the most  gorgeous shoes we have ever made!

Mirror Red Flats

It’s simply beautiful and features red fabric that is hand-embroidered with gold and bronze artistic designs with mirrors, surrounded by  a rhinestone and golden border. 

The entire design and embroidery is draped over 100% genuine leather with memory foam insoles for extra comfort. Be it a special dress, formals or jeans, these flats can make you look stunning anytime anywhere! Much like a best friend, it will always complete you! 

Jutti Collection: 

In our Juti collection, we have the Honey Blue jutti flats that’s perfect for your casual attire.

These flats combine beautiful design with premium blue fabric and golden and baby blue designs. The entire thing is draped over 100% genuine leather with cushioned insoles for comfort.

 Now, even in your everyday casuals, you will be at your stylish best!

 Try Them Today And Enhance Your Relationship With Your Shoes!

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