Handmade Embroidered Flats: The Perfect Blend of Cool And Classy!

Flat shoes are definitely in vogue right now. But if you are wondering about the limitations they might have compared to other shoes then this post is definitely for you. At Grayson Monáe, we have come up with an exclusive collection of handmade embroidered flats that will leave you amazed. Every single piece in this collection not just looks good, but feels super comfortable, even if you walk all day long. If you are looking for footwear with exclusive designs blended with cool colors then this collection has everything you desire. Read on, in this post we will be listing all the details of our collection for your better understanding. Let’s get started.

Handmade Embroidered Flats: The Perfect Blend of Cool And Classy!

Our embroidered flats will complete your everyday look, traditional attire or even your party look. Having a pair of these will always serve as a savior. If you often feel confused about which shoes to wear with a particular outfit then we are here to help you with that.

Below I am listing the details of some of our exclusive pieces that will surely bring that X factor to your style statement!

Rainbow Leather Flats:

Brown is definitely one of those colors that can go with most attire. That’s why we believe, every lady deserves a cute brown flat in their footwear collection.

So, we have come up with these Rainbow Leather flats that are made of 100% genuine leather. They are embroidered with multi-colored silk thread and draped over memory foam insoles for extra comfort.

Rainbow Leather Flats

Needless to say, they are nothing like your average brown leather flat. Thanks to its rainbow-embroidered border, it features a youthful flare that’s very rare to find!

Fuchsia Gray Delight Flats:

Want to have something fun and playful? Then our Fuchsia Gray Delight flats are just the thing. Wherever you go, these flats will leave them guessing!

The front of these flats feature premium gray fabric embroidered with gold and fuchsia designs. Both the sides and back of the shoe are made of fuchsia velvet.

Rainbow Leather Flats

● Premium velvet and gray fabric
● Gold and fuchsia designs
● 100% genuine leather
● Cushioned soles for comfort

Golden Shimmer Peacock:

This is definitely one of the most unique pieces in our collection. The flats feature a detailed portrayal of a peacock which makes them one of our favorite designs.

You will see a beautiful peacock wrapped around your foot, meticulously sewn with shimmering golden thread, colorful sequins and beading for its eyes, feet and feathers. Now, what can be better than that!

Golden Shimmer Peacock

Also, this design really SHIMMERS. Buy a pair today and see for yourselves.

● Hand-embroidered peacock
● Draped over 100% genuine leather
● Padded soles for extra comfort
● 100% Hand-made and Hand-cut

Cinderella Slippers:

Every woman should feel like a princess, no matter what age. We have come up with these great slippers to make you feel royal. They are studded with gold beads and topped off with lots of shimmer! Just like you’d expect.

Every single piece is handmade of genuine leather embroidered with golden beads and fine silk threads with padded soles for added comfort.

Cinderella Slippers

Regardless of the occasion, these flats will allow you to dance the night away in glamour and comfort. Place your order today!

Also, just visit us at graysonmonae.com and explore your favorite pair of Handmade Embroidered Flats. For any query regarding our products and services, email us at info@graysonmonae.com today!

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