There is no doubt about the fact that high heels offer sex appeal, boosts self-esteem, and make outfits look more attractive. It flatters, appearing to provide a more visually appealing body structure and model status height. With that being said, flats are more preferred if you have plans to wear the shoes for a long period of time, especially at work. The reason is, flats offer optimal comfort. You can wear skirts, formal pants or a formal dress at work, but you have to stay for at least 8-9 hours wearing the outfit and shoes you chose. Thus, it is more preferable for women to go for a cute and versatile collection of flats for the office. You cannot always rely on a painful heel to get you through an important meeting. Instead, it is always better to opt for a pair of comfortable and chic flats that you will be able to wear all day. 

Cute and versatile collection of flats for office: Comfort Is the New Style! 

The first one on the list is the Am Velvety Royal Flats made up of classic leather. This flat is going to make you look chicer than ever. They are created in classic style and feature a modern round-shaped toe ensuring a trendy update on the timeless silhouette.

The next one on our list is Am Velvety Coal. These flats will not only go with all sorts of outfits but also ensures a classy look and optimal comfort.

The third one on our list is  Black Royale. It is made up of beautiful, golden, flower-like designs that will make you look and feel unique.  It is super comfy. It will highlight any attire you pair it with.

Next up is the elegantly designed, Denim Hero that is crafted from soft suede, denim, and leather. This versatile pair is perfect with all sorts of casual wear.

The final one on this list is the Silver beads flats. These are one of a kind. You can not only wear them anytime, anywhere, but they can offer different looks with different attires. The secret to its matchless beauty is its premium, champagne gold fabric, topped off with over 75 silver beads on each shoe. 


Now that we have mentioned the reasons for choosing flats instead of heels for multiple occasions, we would love to hear your thoughts on the same. You can also have a glance of our gorgeous collection at Graysonmonae.com or write us info@graysonmonae.com for any kind of customized flat that you would love to add to your closet.


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