You are walking through your home in heels because even though you work at home, you like to get dressed like you are going to the office OR you are walking through the grand halls of your workplace in heels, making sure you look the part because that’s half the battle. Everything seems perfect until you make one wrong step and instantly tumble to the floor. A sharp pain radiates up your leg like a lightning bolt as you come to grips with what just happened. Oh no, you’ve twisted your ankle!

Mis-stepping in a pair of heels is quite common. Hurting yourself as a result thereof is also quite common.  Finding a pair of Flats, that is just as gorgeous and spunky as your heels, but with added comfort is not so common, or is it?.

This is exactly where we at  Grayson Monáe come into play. Our exclusive range of comfortable, signature,  leather flats can make working at the office or home or just lounging around the house feel nothing less than amazing! Below, we will be introducing you to some of the most comfortable, unique, and stylish flats known to (wo)mankind. 

Comfortable Leather Flats: Take a Walk in the Clouds!

You might have heard in commercials for footwear, “ Wear these and feel like you are treading on clouds!” Well, it might seem a bit exaggerated but not anymore! With our gorgeous, comfy collection you can actually feel like you are walking amongst clouds.

Flats are all about feeling comfy but that’s not the only thing we are concerned about. That’s why we have created a plethora of designs that will utterly destroy all the negative myths and notions you have felt, OR heard about flats!

Flats For Wedding:

Weddings are always a grand occasion. There are just so many things to do and so many ways to enjoy! But without a comfortable pair of shoes all the pomp and circumstance can quickly turn into pain and regret! Fret not,  we have the perfect solution for you.

Just pick you out a pair of our beautiful, comfy, leather flats in our bridal collection exclusively designed for weddings or after-five wear, but can also be worn to dress up casual wear.  You’ll be all set to rock the evening! These flats are absolutely stunning and will add a new flare to your overall look. You will not only look great but feel comfortable throughout the entire evening.

Apart from the breath-taking design, these flats feature memory foam insoles for extra comfort. What more can you ask for? Try out our Princess Honey flats and feel the difference!

Flats For Special Evening:

Without the perfect footwear your evening won’t feel complete. If you, for whatever reason, cannot wear high heels OR can’t wear them for long, we have the perfect alternative for you! Our Premium and Glamour collection features comfortable leather flats that will surely turn heads!

These flats feature a host of unique, jaw-dropping designs that will leave everyone asking, “Where did you get those cute shoes?”  The sheer comfort under your feet is breath-taking!

From Midnight Pearl to Silver Beads, we have something for everyone! Just visit our platform and place your order for your favorite pair.

 Flats For Everyday!

Who says that everyday footwear can’t be just as stylish as evening wear? Each new day presents a new opportunity to look special!

If comfort and style is what you are looking for in your footwear, then nothing comes close to our Jutti collection. This exclusive collection contains comfortable leather flats that will spruce up your everyday attire.

Look your best and feel the clouds beneath your feet any day and every day with our exclusive collection of comfy flats!

Just visit us at and find your favorite pair of comfortable leather flats for any occasion. For any query regarding our products and services, email us at today!

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